The Rumley Brothers are an up and coming country rock band from Iowa. Tyson, Wyatt, and Jason, along with Darrell Gwinn and Daniel Turner, are spending night after night on stage perfecting their skills. They are paving their way playing their own brand of country with the songs of their heroes and country legends like George Strait, Dwight Yoakam, and more modern acts like Dierks Bentley and Justin Moore. 

In 2011, the boys will be independently releasing "Grandpa's Outlaws". On their self-promoted debut they showcase their outlaw brand with a touch of down-home sensibility.

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  The Rumley Brother Band

  (Vocal, Guitar)

A Leon, Iowa native, he was born in 1987. Being an early country music fan he picked up his first guitar at age 14. Since then things really haven't been the same. Quickly finding a style showcasing his traditional influences, Tyson has naturally defined himself as a vocalist. He has been playing, along with Wyatt, in a variety of different lineups such as Borderline.

Fun Fact: Has a degree in Criminal Justice



From Leon and born in 1991, he started playing guitar with Tyson when he was 11 And something just clicked. After countless hours of practice he found his voice as a guitarist. Taking the reins as the lead picker, Wyatt's bluesy twang always catches the attention of onlookers.

Fun Fact: Used to sleep walk. 


  (Guitar & Steel Guitar)

Born in Leon in '85 and hailing from neighboring Osceola, he grew up on hard rock and MTV. At 15, he picked up a guitar began gigging in punk rock bands with friends. Deciding to join the Navy's Submarine Force after high school, he came home and enthusiastically returned to the stage with his brothers on guitar and pedal steel guitar.

Fun Fact: Visited 4 European countries while on deployment in 2006.



Born in 1988 from Humeston, IA. Darrell (otherwise known as Dirk) had an interest in playing music starting in elementary, playing percussion in the school band. The interest grew and at age 14, he started playing bass guitar in Emphasis, a local pop punk band.  Primarily influenced by various styles of rock music, country was out of his comfort zone, but the transition to playing country music in early 2012 went smoothly.


Fun Fact: Builds primitive and rustic style furniture and decor @ Weathered and Rusted.




Born in 1990 from Murray, IA, he first picked up the sticks at age 10. Learning to play in the high school band and along with the radio, he soon picked up styles influenced from classic rock to 90s grunge and modern country. Daniel previously played with fellow local rock band Liquid Sunshine before joining with the Rumley Brothers in late 2012.


Fun fact: His uncles have a band called Dead Hot Workshop



The Rumley Brothers